Update On Jesse Eisenberg’s “Camp Hell” Lawsuit

Last year, I wrote this post about a lawsuit by actor Jesse Eisenberg against the producers of a direct-to-video, low-budget horror movie Camp Hell. Because he was in the movie for only a few minutes, he was surprised to see that his face was prominently featured on the cover of the DVD, implying that he starred in the film. The actor has won the first round of motions, with the court ruling that he has the right to proceed with his lawsuit.

Surprise! You Just Starred In Our Movie

In a $3 million lawsuit, actor Jesse Eisenberg (star of The Social Network) claims that he was exploited by the producers of the direct-to-DVD movie, Camp Hell, when they overplayed his small role in the film by featuring his likeness on the DVD cover art. Franchising laws help to prevent this type of overstatement or puffery by requiring disclosure of important information to potential franchisees.