Unusual Marketing Ploy: Holiday Inn To Test Market “Bed Warmers”

This has to be the strangest marketing idea I have ever seen: Intercontinental Hotels Group announced this week that, at the end of this month, it will be test marketing “human bed warmers” in its Holiday Inn-branded hotels in the United Kingdom. Apparently, employees of the hotel dressed in special all-in-one sleeper suits will lie in your bed for five minutes to warm it up for you before you turn in for the night. The idea is that hotel guests will be able to fall asleep faster, and sleep better, if the bed is warmed up first.

While it’s certain to create buzz, I seriously doubt that this gimmick will get much of a “warm” reception by customers. To the people at Intercontinental: have you ever heard of electric blankets?


  1. Matt,
    This concept of a human bed warmer actually creeps me out. I agree that electric blankets would be more efficient and cost less in the long run, not to mention removing the creepy factor.


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