Franchising Group Supports Repeal Of Health Care Law

The International Franchise Association has hailed Wednesday's 245-189 vote by the House of Representatives to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) — the law widely known as "Obamacare."  Here's a quote from Steve Caldeira, President and CEO of the IFA:

This represents an important first step in demonstrating that the current health care law will do little to get America's franchise businesses growing and creating jobs. On behalf of the more than 900,000 franchise small businesses IFA represents, we urge lawmakers to move swiftly on drafting new legislation that will control rising insurance costs and expand choices for employers and their employees.

The repeal is mostly symbolic, as it stands virtually no chance of being brought to vote for repeal in the Senate.  However, it is a positive first step by House Republicans towards fulfilling their "repeal and replace" campaign promise.  Now the hard work begins – creating a bill that will control rising health care costs, but not overburden small businesses which can be proposed as an alternative to the current PPACA regime — which may stand a chance of being passed in the Senate.


One comment

  1. Yes I think they should also propose a bill that will protect the rising of health care cost otherwise those health providers will just increase the cost of their services without control and consumers will suffer.


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