Plans Announced For Las Vegas Entertainment and Distribution Business

This just in: some good news for Nevada's small but vibrant film industry.  Las Vegas-based Bennett Global Entertainment has announced its plans for a Las Vegas-based film production and distribution business that will create dozens of entertainment-related jobs in the city.  Read all about it in the company's recent press release:

Michael Bennett, CEO of Bennett Global Entertainment (BGE) announced plans today, for a global high-technology entertainment and distribution business based in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas complex is part of BGE’s overall mission to create a new media and entertainment business based on the realities of the 21st Century.  

When fully operational, BGE expects to create dozens of jobs in Las Vegas in the areas of cyber security, motion capture, mobile applications, animation, illustration, web development, interactive design, virtual platforms, storage, technology-driven marketing, digital art, design, publishing and video gaming to name a few.  

These are long-term sustainable jobs designed to keep BGE out in front of advances in technology.

Bennett says, “our ‘disruptive innovation’ will significantly improve content creation and delivery to satisfy the rapidly changing consumer viewing habits in the areas of film, television, video gaming, mobile media, e-books and how consumers generally shop for related merchandise in a technology-driven world.”

As a side benefit we will also be creating jobs to bolster Nevada’s film and television production industry.

“As a Las Vegas resident since 2006, I’m excited about the prospects of building a business here that satisfies our needs as a company, balanced with a community that embraces our presence,” says Bennett.  

“Just imagine Facebook, NetFlix, Amazon, original content and technology on steroids in a city already known for being the entertainment capital of the world—it’s a perfect match.”

“Once we get all the parts in place we could see corporate value approach Facebook proportions within five years.”

This is welcome news indeed, particularly since Nevada state government refused to approve an initiative to offer filming incentives for movies shot in state. Hopefully, that position will be reexamined as the Las Vegas film community continues to grow.

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