FranCamp 2012: Franchising Goes Social

If you are (or work for) a franchisor and are not yet using social media to promote both your brand and your franchise opportunity, shame on you!  You are missing out on some of the lowest-cost and most effective advertising possible.  But fear not; it's not too late, and there are people who can help you. FranCamp 2012 is a program specially designed to help franchise companies with understanding and taking advantage of or expanding social media opportunities. 

FranCamp 2012 is scheduled to occur in Atlanta, Georgia on May 4th, 2012.  If you are not familiar with FranCamp, it is a social media "un-conference" for the franchise industry.  Attendees at FranCamp can earn 50 participation credits towards Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) certification.  Here is a little more information about FranCamp, from its organizers:

Social media and social media related topics are the most talked about in franchising and even at huge events like the annual IFA conference, helpful information is sometimes hard to come by. If you want to educate yourself on the best of current thinking and learn the real recipes that work from the most advanced franchisors, franchisees, consultants and experts in the field of social media, this is a one-day conference you can't afford to miss.

You won't get sales pitches. You'll walk away with a very sophisticated level of understanding about ALL of the pieces of a successful social media strategy.

FranCamp follows the wildly successful PodCamp format — a low-cost, one day event fully loaded with a fast paced and aggressive agenda full of super-helpful content. What you will get is a good education in almost all of the relevant topics that marketers must understand to make good decisions. If you want to launch your own campaigns and make sure your marketing department is pointed in the right direction, this is for you. If you have a budget and need a better level of understanding about social media related issues so you can make good hiring and vendor decisions, this is especially for you.

Who should attend: anyone who works in franchising. Franchisors – CEOs, COOs, VPs of Marketing and VPs of Franchise Development. Anyone who deals with franchise sales and lead generation, anyone who handles consumer side marketing should attend. If you work in the marketing department of a franchise system, this is for you. If you own a franchise and want to learn more about how you can boost your local marketing, this is for you.

The event's organizers are among some of the franchise industry's leaders in social media, and they have put together a terrific program with a line-up of first rate speakers.  If you want to know more about FranCamp or register, visit the FranCamp website, here.

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