Nevada Declares September 1st Franchise Appreciation Day

In a Proclamation, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has declared September 1, 2012 as "Franchise Appreciation Day in Nevada."  In so doing, Nevada has become the first State to officially recognize franchised businesses and the positive effects they have on our community.  The Proclamation acknowledges that the "direct and indirect economic impact of franchised businesses is $2.1 trillion" and states:

"Franchise Appreciation Day" is a day to create awareness to increase customer knowledge on the importance of using social media networks and location-based services to connect with, and continue to support local franchises.  Customers will enjoy a day to support their favorite franchises by receiving discounts and giveaways.  Furthermore, franchises will be able to show appreciate and give back to the customers and communities that support their businesses year-round.

The Proclamation encourages Nevada residents to eat, shop, drink, and support local franchises.  Kudos to Governor Sandoval for recognizing the impact that franchised businesses have on our local and state economy!

One comment

  1. Such recognition is very valuable to those who own a franchise and its customers as this celebrates the contribution to the state in terms of generating local income and employment. It will encourage them to work more and help more people to become as successful as they are. I hope other states will follow what Nevada did to support their different franchise.


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