Super-Sized Strikes: Nonunion Strikes Can Burn Unprepared Employers

Armstrong Teasdale will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 10:00 AM Pacific / 12:00 PM Central entitled “Super-Sized Strikes: Nonunion Strikes Can Burn Unprepared Employers.” The webinar was designed to help employers (particularly those in the fast-food industry) understand how to respond to a growing trend in the restaurant and retail industry that has found nonunion employees striking in response to their perceived issues with pay.

Are Your Franchisees Really Your Employees? Giving Further Consideration To Awuah v. Coverall

Over the past several months, the blog post that has consistently received the most attention is Awuah v. Coverall: Is The Franchising Model Really At Risk? This is no real surprise, as the Awuah decision has garnered much attention as an area of concern for franchisors. As I recently gave a presentation to the Nevada Franchise Business Network on this topic, I thought I could supplement that post with some of the material I covered in my presentation. This blog post is a summary of the material I covered.