Super-Sized Strikes: Nonunion Strikes Can Burn Unprepared Employers

Armstrong Teasdale will be hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 10:00 AM Pacific / 12:00 PM Central entitled "Super-Sized Strikes: Nonunion Strikes Can Burn Unprepared Employers."  The webinar was designed to help employers (particularly those in the fast-food industry) understand how to respond to a growing trend in the restaurant and retail industry that has found nonunion employees striking in response to their perceived issues with pay.  I reported on this issue in my blog last month; you care read news stories about these strikes here, here, and here).  Here is the official webinar synopsis:

Growing waves of protests over wages and other employment issues at fast food and retail companies are labor unions' newest way to organize a previously-untapped segment of American workers.  Although strikes are often associated with labor unions, the workers involved in these strikes are not unionized — yet. Employers without unionized workforces can sometimes fall into a trap by disciplining or discharging employees who are engaged in protected, concerted activities.

For employers, an ounce of protection is truly worth a pound of cure. Join Employment and Labor attorneys from Armstrong Teasdale to learn about the recent strikes, why they are occurring, and how to lawfully confront such activities before, during, and after.

If you want to attend the webinar, please RSVP to Mary Rodell at, or 314-621-5070 ext. 7489.  Mary will send you the login and call-in information for the webinar.


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