Wall Street Journal’s Article On Key Franchise Lawsuits

Today’s edition of the Wall Street Journal has a short, but interesting, articleon a handful of the key lawsuits between franchisors and franchisees that made waves in the franchising community during 2010. Two of the cases mentioned have been discussed previously on this blog: Awuah v. Coverall, and Burger King National Franchisee Association v. Burger King. The article provides a good, if brief, summary of the decisions and their potential ramifications on the franchise industry as a whole.

U.S. Census Bureau Issues Report On Franchising

For the first time ever, the U.S. Census Bureau issued a report today on the nation’s franchised businesses. The report, entitled the Economic Census Franchise Report, found that franchise businesses account for 10.5 percent of all businesses operating in the U.S., and nearly 17 percent of the total amount of sales made in the country, with nearly $1.3 trillion dollars in sales annually.

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