Ketchup Catches Up

Step aside, iPad.  The most exciting recent news in product innovation is not coming out of Silicon Valley, it’s coming from Pittsburgh.  That’s right, Pittsburgh. 

The good people at the H.J. Heinz Company have recently announced that, after 42 years of use, the ketchup packet is being redesigned.  The new container will be a dual-function packet called “Heinz Dip & Squeeze.” Ketchup fans will be able to either peel back the lid of the container and dip, or tear off the tip to squeeze the wonderful condiment on to their food.  What’s more, the new Dip & Squeeze package contains as much ketchup as 3 of the old-style packets, but uses less packaging.

As a devoted fan of ketchup and french fry afficionado, I applaud the move.  The old packet design forces you to make a choice between squeezing all of the sauce out of the packet and getting some on your fingers, or leaving some ketchup in the packet.  On the down side, the new design will cost more for restaurants to purchase – which will either increase costs or force restaurants to ration them out to their customers.  Maybe that’s why I haven’t yet actually seen them in use?

And, on a related topic, does anyone really call (or spell) it “catsup?”  Inquiring minds want to know.

Heinz Dip and Squeeze

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