Are You A Horrible Boss?

To capitalize on some of the buzz surrounding the movie Horrible Bosses, the website has posted a new article that is a worthwhile read for any business owner.  While most owners and managers have the best of intentions and would like to believe that they are good bosses, few take the time to do a self-assessment.  The article walks through some key points that any supervisor would do well to read in taking the time to do their own self-assessment.  For example, if you think that you can't trust anyone who works for you to do their job correctly, this article explains that you yourself might be the real problem. 

As for the movie: I saw Horrible Bosses and enjoyed it.  Kevin Spacey was great as the worst boss of them all – recalling his excellent performance as the supervisor of a young Hollywood studio assistant in Swimming With SharksThe characters were memorable and there were some really inspired comedic gems in the movie.  Although it's not one of the best movies of the year, it's definitely worth seeing… and, even though each of the characters in the movie are certainly caricatures, the film does give some good examples of what not to do when you're in a position of supervision.  

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