Domino’s Continues To Innovate

My regular readers will know that I have a great deal of respect for the leadership at Domino's Pizza, which has significantly increased its market share during the last two years by an innovative marketing campaign where the company publicly admitted that in the past, its pizza was not particularly good.  This was followed by a strategy of "radical transparency," where the company created a series of ads showing actual customer pictures of the pizza that Domino's delivered to them — no fancy food photographers or faked photos using tricks like adding motor oil, brown shoe polish, or spray deodorant.  These initiatives have continued to drive sales by creating customer loyalty that was nearly unprecedented in the pizza-delivery business.

And it didn't stop there.  Domino's continues to innovate, taking its radical transparency strategy to the next level.  Its latest move?  Domino's purchased prime billboard space in the middle of Times Square showing completely unfiltered customer reviews.  Anyone using the Domino's Pizza tracker app can leave a review after receiving their pie and see it placed on the billboard for all to see.  The reviews are posted at an average of four per minute and, except for profanity and "spam" statements that have nothing to do with the food or service, are not edited by the company in any way.  You can see a feed of the billboard on Domino's website (click here to check it out).

So far, every move that Domino's Pizza has taken in its radical transparency campaign has been a good (and profitable) one for the company.  I look forward to seeing what it does next.

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