The McRib: A Marketing Success Story

For those of you who think I write too much about the success story of Domino's Pizza and its innovative marketing strategy, this blog post should provide some blessed relief.  A recent story in Inc. magazine talks about McDonald's advertising campaign for the McRib sandwich as a good example of great marketing. McDonald's has capitalized on the "rare" nature of the sandwich to engage with its audience.  This has inspired people to turn the hunt for the elusive McRib into something of a challenge, giving bragging rights to the person who is able to find it for sale (check out the unoffical McRib locator).  So, when the company does bring it back for sale chain-wide, interest in the sandwich reaches a fever pitch (even in spite of stories like this one).

If you are a McRib fan, you had better hurry.  According to the "McRib countdown clock," the sandwich is only available nationwide a little while longer…

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