Why It’s Important To React Quickly On Facebook

Today's issue of the Nation's Restaurant News has a good article that, while written for companies in the food industry, is equally applicable to virtually any type of business.  The basic thrust of the article is that a business should work to respond quickly to comments made on its Facebook wall.  In the estimation of many industry insiders, reaction time is absolutely critical when a fan posts on a wall.  This is particularly true when the post is in the nature of a complaint or other negative complaint.  This seems to be fairly obvious, but surprisingly, not every company has yet embraced the importance of social media in their marketing and overall customer relations strategy.

Also on the NRN site: an advertisement for the Heinz ketchup "Dip & Squeeze" product.  I blogged about it last year, but I still have yet to actually see it in a restaurant (which is a shame, because I think it's a great idea).  Have you seen it anywhere?

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